Call of Duty Mobile Trailer Shows Bite-Sized Battles

The Call of Duty mobile trailer has been revealed by Tencent. One wonders if the Chinese company has managed to translate the first-person shooter gameplay to a mobile environment. From what we see in the trailer, it looks like they just might have pulled it off with Call of Duty Legends of War.

There’s plenty of fast-paced action in the Call of Duty mobile trailer. It opens with a squad moving through a corridor before running into a laser tripwire and triggering a mine. The mine explodes and they engage in a firefight. The firefight has no HUD at first, but we quickly get a look at how the controls for the mobile version of Call of Duty are going to work. Your weapons loadout is on the bottom of the screen and movement control is on the bottom left. Options to switch to grenades and to change your stance are on the middle right portion of your display.

The pace of the action picks up quickly and we see several different weapons used including sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and a UAV. The Call of Duty mobile trailer then briefly switches to a different scene where we get to see what looks like some zombies gameplay in action. Hordes of the undead are mowed down with a belt-fed machine gun and a beefy zombie leaps at the camera before we get back to regular action. We’re shown a bit more action gameplay before an ICBM is launched and explodes in the distance, concluding the trailer.

The Call of Duty mobile trailer shows us the first real look at gameplay from a title that was we were first made aware of in August 2018. It’s expected to be a free-to-play game featuring characters from the franchise’s universe. Call of Duty Legends of War is being developed by the team behind PUBG Mobile.

[via Reddit’s /r/CallOfDuty subreddit]