Fans Take Aim at EA With FIFA 19 #ChangeCareerMode Hashtag

FIFA 19 #ChangeCareerMode hashtag has picked up traction on Twitter and other social media channels, with many fans of the long-running EA soccer franchise bemoaning the lack of changes made to the series’ Career Mode. Many are even going as far as to suggest new features for a mode that has lay seemingly stagnant for over half a decade now.

The hashtag, which featured in the top 20 Trends in the United Kingdom across the past 24 hours, has been picked up by everyone from casual fans all the way through to EA Gamechangers, the streamers who work closely with EA when marketing its products. As of yet, however, EA has not responded to the backlash.

For those who departed on the good ship Ultimate Team long ago may not be aware that, while EA’s monied mode rakes in the bucks, Career Mode is left virtually untouched. It’s here where the ire lies. Many, including MGH on Twitter, believe it’s time for change, stating: “We give feedback, we offer ideas and we have been patient for years. Yet we are still left in the dark and seemingly ignored. Career Mode is more broken than ever. Time to #ChangeCareerMode”

Among the ideas being circled by the community include a removal of the max potential ceiling for youngsters, an overhaul of youth scouting, and more options that mirror real-life contracts, including buy-back clauses.

This grassroots movement has also addressed the removal of features from years gone past. A major bugbear for many appears to be the removal of administrative sponsorship features and the ability to tinker with ticket prices, something that appeared as far back as FIFA 2004.

With FIFA 20 already well into its development cycle, it remains to be seen whether the FIFA 19 #ChangeCareerMode will offer any immediate effects, but the long-term prospects of a mode that once served as the jewel in the crown of the series looks much brighter today than it has done for years.