That Glitter Bomb Package Video May Not Be as Real as It Looked

That Glitter Bomb Package Video May Not Be as Real as It Looked

Most people have probably seen that viral video about the incredibly fantastic overly engineered glitter bomb package. The device was built by former NASA engineer Mark Rober in order to get revenge on unwitting package thieves but it turns out it may not have been completely true.

Gizmodo reports Rober has replaced the video on YouTube with one about 90 seconds shorter. This cut out a few examples of thieves succumbing to the glitter bomb package prank which Rober says turned out to be staged. This is also something that YouTube allows without changing the overall view count of the original video.

In the video Rober talks about lending the package to friends who have also had problems with package thieves so they can also have some sweet revenge. He claims that he didn’t know that some of the footage was actually acquaintances of his friends stealing the packages rather than legitimate evildoers when the video was originally uploaded.

“It appears in these two cases, the ‘thieves’ were actually acquaintances of the person helping me,” Rober explains in a tweet. “From the footage I received from the phones which only record at specific times, this wasn’t clear to me. I have since removed those reactions from the original video (originally 6:26-7:59).”

This revelation came after some crafty viewers dissected the video by using Google maps images to point out some suspicious coincidences.

Rober understands that many people may doubt the legitimacy of this and his other videos moving forward. He promises the device is real and does in fact work and that all of the videos involving his house are absolutely real.

He has also made the code and build information public as he does for most of his wacky inventions so if you’re not convinced, you can always try making one yourself.

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