CES 2019: New Anthem gameplay trailer released

A new trailer for BioWare’s upcoming action shooter has released, showcasing more gameplay within the open-world lush environments. The CES 2019 Anthem trailer features previously unseen enemies, the traversal abilities of the game’s Javelin exosuits, and jaw-dropping visuals in the game engine.

Moreover, it was announced that Nvidia’s antialiasing DLSS technology will be supported by Anthem, with the gameplay captured on a high-end PC, exhibiting the software’s capabilities.

The CES 2019 Anthem trailer shows off more footage of the Javelin exosuits in action. These enable the player to traverse through environments with airborne and marine propulsion, and gain the upper hand in combat scenarios.

Likewise, we also saw more of the enemies that you might encounter in the world of Anthem, including a gargantuan beast and an armored quadrupedal robot. We’ve yet to see more of the weapons, but the CES 2019 Anthem trailer clearly featured the exosuit’s use of shielding and combat mobility, gaining the upper hand with a ground-slam ability.

Earlier this week, a BioWare producer commented that the game’s length was “hard to compare” to other BioWare titles, and that a linear approach could demonstrably impact the length, depending “on how you play”.

We’re certain to see more of the game this month, with a playable demo releasing on Friday, January 25. However, this early demo is only accessible for those who have preordered the game, or who subscribe to the EA/Origin Access subscription. For everyone else, an open demo will be available for a limited period on Friday, February 1.

However, players should note that progress in the demo will not carry over into the full game, and will only give access to two of the Javelin exosuit classes. Those with access to the demo will start at level 10, with the option to reach level 15 during the demo.