RTX 2060 free games bundle includes Anthem or Battlefield 5

The choices for your NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 free games have been announced alongside the new card’s price and specs. Gamers who buy NVIDIA’s newest budget graphics card later this month will be able to snag a free copy of either Anthem or Battlefield 5—as long as they’re fast enough. Both of these RTX 2060 free games will be available to choose from for a limited time.

Anthem is the newest game from Bioware and is set to release on February 22. 2019. You and up to three other players will traverse the game’s open world in power armor suits called Javelins. Each of the game’s Javelin types can fill specific roles and allow for teams to balance out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The world if Anthemall of the story DLC will be free is a terrifying place and it takes a sturdy suit of power armor to survive it! The game is already shaping up to be pretty neat, and recent news that makes this game all the more appealing as your choice of the two RTX 2060 free games.

As for your other choice in the RTX 2060 free games, Battlefield 5 is the latest game in EA DICE’s war-themed first-person shooters. Anyone who’s been following gaming news knows that Battlefield 5 has been off to a bit of a rough start ever since it launched late last year. (Heck, the low sales were bad enough to contribute to EA lowering their estimated revenue for the year.) Despite these issues, EA seems keen on turning things around. They recently listed to community complaints by reversing a time-to-kill change and they’re hard at work addressing a number of other fan complaints about the game. BF5 may have started out shaky, but EA just might be able to pull it out of the fire if you fancy a bit of WW2 action to test out your graphics card.

Either of these RTX 2060 free games would make for an excellent choice, although some players may understandably lean towards Anthem. Regardless, these freebies will only be available for a limited time with a qualifying purchase. There’s also the option to get both games for free if you want to go big and get an RTX 2080 or RTX 2080 TI, although it might just be cheaper to pony up the sixty bucks on your own there. Get these games before they’re gone!