Slightly Mad CEO offers $10K and free games for life for Mad Box slogan

Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell is offering $10,000 and “free games for life” to anyone who can submit the best slogan for his new console. The Mad Box competition has already accumulated over a hundred submissions after Bell tweeted out the offer from his personal account encouraging everyone to make their own submission.

The Mad Box console is the latest console prototype to rival the dominating presence of PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo on the home console market. Offering “the most powerful ever built” platform to developers and players alike, so far we’ve only seen the console’s appearance, with Bell offering some further insights into what the console hopes to achieve.

The Mad Box will aim to take advantage of a cross-platform engine ideal for deploying on all modern consoles, using a scripting engine called Scribe. Slightly Mad Studios hope to offer a console that achieves 4K resolution, 60 FPS, and support for VR, though the internals for the console are still blurred.

In addition, they are apparently also in the process of developing a specific controller for the Mad Box, which is definitely in its early stages. It’s important to take these details with a grain of salt, as we haven’t yet seen any concrete evidence of these promises.

On the other hand, Bell has featured a number of previous concepts for the console, suggesting that the device has been in the works for a while. Likewise, the fact that they’ve already entered into conversations with AMD, NVIDIA, HTC, and Oculus about the technical aspirations of the console gives some credibility to their intentions.

This isn’t the first contender to offer alternative consoles in recent months: Soulja Boy hit the headlines last year with his intention to release rival consoles, which were quickly met with resistance and potential legal action.

You can enter the Mad Box competition by replying to Bell’s original tweet.