Mad Box Details Revealed, CEO Talks Specs and Addresses Critics

Some more Mad Box details have been revealed by Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell on his Twitter account. Mr. Bell seems to have taken to Twitter rather quickly, sending out dozens of messages in the last 24 hours in an attempt to answer questions that various people have about his company’s upcoming Mad Box console. Throughout the day, Mr. Bell has effectively stated that they’ve been in talks with both AMD and NVIDIA regarding the project. This new console is aiming to support VR and as such, they’ve spoken with both HTC and Oculus about their plans.

One of the more interesting Mad Box details revealed today was a render of the machine. It certainly does look interesting:

Mr. Bell proceeded to give us some insight about what we see here (and in our header image). To start, the internal components have been blurred in this image so we can’t really get an idea of how far along they’ve progressed in that area. It’s also hard to know just how big it might be, although he states that “it’s much smaller than it looks” in the renders we see above. The Mad Box will have a one-press deployable handle and the capability to talk with other Mad Boxes without any wires. It wouldn’t be much of a console without its own controller, and that’s why they’re working on one of those, too. As cool as the renders look, Ian Bell does concede that he thinks it’s “too garish” and that it will probably be toned down prior to its release.

A console isn’t much without games, either. The Mad Box will be taking advantage of a cross-platform engine that can practically deploy to all major consoles with the push of a button. A scripting engine called “Scribe” will be used and is likened to C++ in a tweet by the CEO. All of these Mad Box details certainly sound very lovely, but we’re probably going to be waiting for a while before we get our hands on one—Slightly Mad Studios is still in early discussions with their partners.

Aside from these Mad Box details, it seems that Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell has grown quite fond of Twitter.

This gentleman has come out with a slightly mad plan and has spent the better part of the last couple of days defending it. He’s also taken the time to throw out the occasional joke, promising that they’re planning to have “a reasonable amount of bugs” on launch so people will have something to complain about on forums. Mr. Bell has also stated that he’d happily build Soulja Boy (who recently had to stop selling his own consoles) his very own custom Mad Box if he ponied up the cash. It looks like we’re in for a wild ride in the coming months and Slightly Mad Studios seems keen on delivering an interesting new console to the market.