New Overwatch comic reveals that Soldier 76 is part of the LGBT community

While not perfect, representation has been one of Overwatch‘s big defining characteristics, which includes sexuality. Tracer was revealed to be part of the LGBT community back in 2016 and a recent comic has shown yet another queer Overwatch member. The newest official comic unveiled that Soldier 76 indeed had a male lover in the past, putting yet another iconic hero from the game in the LGBT camp.

“Bastet,” the latest comic about Ana and Soldier 76 reveals this news in a flashback while the two are poring over a few pictures. One of those photos shows Soldier 76 next to a mysterious man named Vincent. The two then delve a little deeper into the past with Solider stating that “Vincent deserved a happier life than the one [he] could give him.” Ana responds by saying that “relationships don’t work out so well” for people like them.

Tracer was also similarly revealed as a member of the LGBT community back in December 2016. A holiday-themed comic showed her with her presumptive girlfriend, Emily, kissing and exchanging gifts. These reveals happen in the comics because it is the biggest place for Overwatch lore since the actual game doesn’t have much in the way of in-depth character building outside of a few voice lines before matches. However, Blizzard did eventually add an in-game sticker with Tracer and Emily together so Solider 76 and Vincent could possibly get the same treatment down the line.

While the comic details Ana and Jack Morrison’s reunion, a likely new skin for support sniper, and tells some additional backstory, revealing that Solider 76 is indeed part of the LGBT community will likely be the biggest takeaway from this issue. Soldier 76 is the stand-in for the generic Call of Duty soldier, which is a community that isn’t known for its most welcoming views. Putting a rainbow flag on Soldier 76 as the first LGBT man in the game is a small but important step in standing up to negative stereotypes and making gaming a more inclusive space.

Update: Blizzard Lead Writer Michael Chu tweeted an update about Soldier 76 and Vincent. According to him, both identify as gay.