Black Ops 4 Blackout free trial starts tomorrow

Activision and Treyarch have announced plans for a seven-day free trial of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s Blackout. The Blackout free trial will commence on January 17 and run until January 24 and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The Blackout free trial will give players a chance jump straight into the action of Black Ops 4‘s take on the battle royale. Regardless, it’s a great opportunity to take the (risk-free) plunge and see what all the fuss is about.

If you’re planning to give the Blackout free trial a whirl on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, be aware that you’ll need either an active PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live subscription to take part. This obviously does not include the multiplayer or co-op modes and it is yet to be seen if there will a free weekend for those modes too. The other parts of the game have yet to have free weekends. Although this, along with free trials for Overwatch and Destiny 2, show that Black Ops 4 will likely have free trials for its other modes the in the future.

Call of Duty‘s battle royale mode, Blackout has been well received since Black Ops 4 launched back in October, despite some early misgivings. The fourth Black Ops installment was the first Call of Duty game to not have a single-player campaign. And the reports that it was dropped in favor of a battle royale mode (and other multiplayer offerings) had long-term fans concerned about the direction the franchise was taking.

Still, the gamble by Activision and Treyarch seems to have paid off with the lack of a single-player campaign appearing to have no negative effect on sales for Black Ops 4 at all. Whether this is a trend that Activision will take forward with future Call of Duty titles, or whether it will be exclusive to Black Ops 4, remains to be seen.