The Dark Souls Trilogy Collector’s Edition is absolutely wild

The Dark Souls Trilogy Collector’s Edition has been announced, and is available for pre-order in Europe on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Attributed to be “the ultimate and most collectible edition for Dark Souls“, the bundle includes all three Dark Souls games, all DLC in the series, all original soundtracks across six CDs, and two other exclusive collector’s items.

Along with the games, this edition includes a 34cm tall ‘Elite Knight at the Bonfire statue’ painted figure, celebrating the series’ beloved bonfire save-points. Likewise, this edition also features a 460-page compendium featuring exclusive illustrated maps, equipment lists, enemy bestiaries, area guides and locations, a bookmark ribbon, and a manuscript of all NPC dialogue from the games. For these exclusive items, the Dark Souls Trilogy Collector’s Edition is available for pre-order for £449.99 (~$580)

The Dark Souls Trilogy originally released last October in the US and Asia, but was not made available in Europe until now. With only 2000 copies available of the Dark Souls Trilogy Collector’s Edition, anyone considering the £449.99 price tag might want to grab one early. Recently, copies of the Celeste Collector’s Edition quickly sold out across all platforms.

The most recent game in the Dark Souls series received a 4.5 in our review, reported to be more linear than its predecessors, but still worth your time. The Remastered editions of the series were eagerly anticipated, especially the Nintendo Switch version, which included a Solaire of Astora Amiibo figure.

In other Dark Souls news, a massive PC mod ‘Daughters of Ash‘ was released earlier in January, overhauling the entire game and reintroducing some cut content from the original Dark Souls game. Created by modder Grimrukh, the mod introduces new game progression, bonfire locations, boss battles, enemies, characters, quests, items, secrets and more. For fans of the series on PC, it’s well worth trying out.