Spider-Man PS4 Fantastic Four suits revealed, includes Bombastic Bag-Man and Future Foundation

Insomniac Games has announced and released two new Spider-Man PS4 Fantastic Four suits today for players to try out on the PlayStation exclusive. Both suits are apparently what Insomniac was teasing a while back in a tweet. Spider-Man, along with God of War, helped Sony break revenue records in 2018 so it’s no surprise that the game is getting a few extra bonuses, though the move to make them free is a pretty classy act.

The first suit players can try out is the, erm, iconic Bombastic Bag-Man suit. Remember that!? No? Well, Bag-Man was a suit donned by Spidey in the Amazing Spider-Man when he had to team up with the Fantastic Four. Similarly, the Future Foundation outfit alludes to another crossover adventure between Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four.

Both suits are available for free and will pop up in your game after you’ve installed the new 1.14 patch, being added alongside a pretty generous selection of suits which also includes the Spider-Man suit from the Sam Raimi films. This now makes for a total of 31 suits that are accessible for free, and nine others that are available through the DLCs.

It seems like the new suits are what Insomniac was teasing in a tweet not too long ago, and our Michael Leri actually managed to guess both the suits that would be introduced. It’s a nice little extra for fans and while it might not lead to any extra story DLC similar to what we saw with the City That Never Sleeps episodes, it’s something that does look to open up the game’s universe a little more.

Spider-Man has had a pretty good run since releasing in September 2018, not only playing a huge role in Sony’s revenue figures for the year but also becoming the fastest-selling superhero title in the US, which is a quite the claim to have.