Metro creator on Epic Games controversy: ‘I am standing by and watching [the franchise] being killed’

Editor’s Note (2/1/2019): Since this post was written the referenced quote by Mr. Glukhovsky has been deleted from the Instagram post. Due to Instagram being incompatible with most archival websites, we cannot produce the original comment for scrutiny. However, we stand by our original story.

Earlier this week, publisher Deep Silver announced that the upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG Metro Exodus will only be available on the Epic Games Store when it releases in February. It seems that the Metro creator, author Dmitry Glukhovsky, isn’t exactly happy with this decision, who today voiced his opinions on the abandonment of Steam in a comment on social media.

Replying on Instagram to claims from user aiz4ku that Glukhovsky was “killing his own franchise,” he replied, “No, I am standing by and watching it being killed,” clarifying that he had no role in the Metro Exodus Epic Store exclusivity. Glukhovsky later shared similar sentiments that he had little control over Deep Silver’s decision, in response to fans’ fears over the future of the series on the Epic Store, saying “I am not responsible for publisher’s business decisions, I do my own little thing – imagine worlds.”

In other comments, the Metro creator was undecided in his opinions on the wider impact of the exclusivity. While he was evidently doubtful of Deep Silver’s decision to abandon the Steam release until 2020, he also wrote, “I think Epic will [do] everything to help, and I did not have an impression that Steam gives shit,” implying that he sees some benefits in the Metro Exodus Epic Store exclusivity.

Last week, publisher Deep Silver was confident that Metro Exodus is ready to take on the competition, as the major releases of Far Cry: New Dawn and Crackdown 3 are also set to release on the same day next month. According to Deep Silver’s Huw Beynon, the “weight of the campaign” behind Metro Exodus‘ release is certain to support sales of the game, with high-profile PR campaigns including the “priceless” Artyom Edition giveaway.

Metro Exodus is set to release on February 15, 2019, and will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.