GameStop Germany is giving away Fallout 76 with used PS4 controllers

Fallout 76 hasn’t been having a great time post-release. The game’s buggy launch state, cheap collector’s edition, and huge patches haven’t done much to make it better. Bethesda continues to push Fallout 76 merchandise as if the game was a success. Now, GameStop Germany is giving away copies of the game with used PS4 controllers.

Redditor cenorexia noticed the sign in their local GameStop over in Germany. The sign reads “Only while stocks last, when you buy a used PS4 controller get Fallout 76 for free,” (thanks Google Translate). The sign is posted right next to a stack of PS4 copies of Fallout 76, apparently in a bid to clear out stock.

The Reddit post garnered a lot of attention with over three thousand up-votes since it went up on January 30. Most negative, saying things like, “From what I’ve heard and seen I think I don’t even want it for free,” and, “Still seems too pricey to be honest.

One commenter noted that the game was still being sold for €70 in Italy. This prompted a quick rundown as other Redditors noted it would be cheaper to fly to Germany and buy a used PS4 controller to get Fallout 76 for free than to just buy the game in Italy.

If you’re wondering whether this is a rogue store tossing copies or a company-wide order, the GameStop Germany website has an answer. It’s a company-wide order, at least in Germany. They’re even new copies of Fallout 76! However, the promotion appears to be ending before February 1.

The online-only Fallout game wades from one problem to the next and an end doesn’t seem to be in sight. Just in 2019 the game’s nukes stopped working, fans found a secret developer room, duplication glitches messed with server stability, and old bugs came back with the latest patch. Just as a reminder, we’re a month into the year and the expensive, gaudy leather jacket isn’t even part of that list proper.