Liverpool CEO and ex-EA exec Peter Moore fears soccer is losing kids to Fortnite

Liverpool CEO and former EA exec, Peter Moore, recently voiced his concern about the future of soccer. Speaking with Arabian Business Magazine, Moore claimed that “Millennial” would rather play video games than watch soccer matches. He went on to say that it was the sport’s responsibility to find new ways of attracting the next generation of fans using technology.

Moore boasts a pretty unique standpoint regarding sports and video games, having held leadership positions at Microsoft, EA, and Sega, he’s demonstrated a solid understanding of the industry. While his time as Liverpool CEO has given him, more than anything, cause for concern over the future of soccer. In an interview, Moore named Fortnite as one of the examples that have forced a drop in soccer game viewing, he said that when he takes a “look at viewing and attendance figures of millennial males, I’m concerned as a chief executive of a football club that relies on the next generation of fans coming through.”

He continued on to say that at the heart of the issue is the time commitment that soccer matches demand. With a 90-minute match, along with a 15-minute half-time break, Moore reckons that the average Millennial male doesn’t have the time to watch an entire match, he said that there’s, “so much pressure on time now and only 24 hours in a day… there are only so many hours to play ‘Fortnite.’”

Though Moore thinks the solution is clear to see, with the sport having to buy into the technological advances that have become commonplace, saying that clubs “need to package content in bites of 60 to 90 seconds to keep their engagement.”

It’s an interesting take on the struggle for attention between games and sports. And while Moore’s suggestions are already being seen in some respect, with social media being home to a host of official club pages that post short-clips of goals, it’s unlikely we’ll see anything major change in the world of soccer. So probably best not to expect some kind of terrifying killer storm surrounding Anfield or the Emirates Stadium anytime soon.

(Via Variety)