Anthem progress will transfer over to possible next generation ports

According to a recent Twitter post from BioWare’s live services boss Chad Robertson, your progress in the upcoming Anthem will be transferable between console generations. The forward-thinking response was given during a Twitter Q&A when Roberston was questioned on whether or not there were plans to be able to transfer your save files to the next generation of hardware.

The Anthem Twitter account asked fans to use the hashtag #AMAAAA to directly ask the game’s developers questions about a range of topics. One Twitter user posed the question, “Will you be able to carry over save files when upgrading to next gen consoles?” to which Robertson replied with a simple “Always…”

Robertson, who has been actively discussing Anthem‘s progress on the BioWare blog, may have just been referring to the possibility of these transfers but without further clarification, it appears that  Anthem may be ported to next-generation hardware in the future. This isn’t the first time we have heard talks of the game coming to next-gen hardware as just last week BioWare Producer Scylla Costa hinted at the potential for a port.

In another response to a question regarding possible DLC for the game, Robertson stated that there are plans in place to keep Anthem growing for years to come. Analysts are predicting that the current generation of consoles is entering the end of its lifecycle with both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One approaching six years on the shelf come November. With this in mind, it is not difficult to imagine that BioWare is planning for a jump to next-gen hardware for Anthem, given how continued support could make a second purchase of the game more palatable to upgrading consumers.

Roberston’s comments support what we have previously heard from EA’s executive VP Patrick Soderlund who stated that Anthem would be the beginning of a “10-year journey” for BioWare and EA. Anthem has reportedly been in development for up to four years so performance expectations will be high from EA and a shiny new PS5 or Xbox Scarlett port of the game may go a long way to boost revenue and interest in the game.