FIFA eNations Cup announced for April 13-14

A FIFA eNations Cup has been announced by the world soccer organization FIFA. The tournament is part of the EA Sports FIFA 19 Global Series on the Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup and will continue EA’s charge across the esports landscape. The event itself is one of eight majors in the Global Series.

FIFA Chief Digital Transformation and Innovation Office Luis Vicente spoke of his excitement about the new event, “The involvement of our member associations with a dedicated nations tournament is another significant and exciting step forward for FIFA and the development of eFootball globally.” Vicente added, “After the successful introduction of the FIFA eClub World Cup™ in recent years and the new team mode, we are looking forward to integrating this nation vs nation competition into our eFootball portfolio.”

The invite-only exhibition event will take place on April 13-14 and is one of three events FIFA is collaborating with EA Sports to host. The other events are the FIFA eClub World Cup and FIFA eWorld Cup. The tournament will feature 16 teams with two players in each. FIFA has invited national organizations to organize their own eFootball qualifiers to determine their entries for the tournament.

The event being part of the larger EA Sports FIFA 19 Global Series means that teams involved in the tournament will be rewarded with Global Series points for their performance, as well as prize money. The Global Series culminates with what FIFA calls “the pinnacle of eFootball” the FIFA eWorld Cup. The series final event takes place in August 2019.

FIFA 19 was most recently in the news for its decision to change the cover star. Cristiano Ronaldo had been featured on the cover since release but was recently removed. Since the game’s release, Ronaldo has faced accusations of rape and been charged with tax evasion in Spain. The star was replaced with Paolo Dybala, Kevin de Bruyne, and Neymar.

If you are still one of the many eFootball fans still appreciating the beautiful game in FIFA 19, we have a round-up of the game’s latest update.

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