Fallout 76 players have formed their own in-game police force

A dedicated group of good Samaritans has fulfilled one of Fallout 76‘s original promises by forming their own in-game police force to protect and guide other players in need. The appropriately dubbed Appalachia PD is a paramilitary force that aims to give an assist to low-level players as they make their way, bleary-eyed out of the vault for the first time.

GamesRadar+ first spotted the group through its post on the official Fallout 76 Reddit board. The post, titled “We are Appalachia PD!” serves as a white flag to new players seeking help with the game and has generated a buzz among the board with an influx of players requesting to join the unofficial police force. According to the post, the Appalachia PD are looking to help players who are level one through 30 with quests and events while offering protection from higher level players who may be looking to grief new Wasteland survivors.

The Appalachia PD camp is open to all players who seek shelter and the members of the force all dress in police appropriate attire while role-playing as protectors. They are currently operating on PS4 servers and following the positive response to the Reddit post, are now open to new recruits and assistance in their quest to help others. The Reddit post has been updated to include the PSN names of the current APD force and a guide is forthcoming on how to join up and be a part of the experience.

Fallout 76 has had a rocky start to its life with countless reports of bugs and broken systems, though for many the game’s biggest issue is its dismantling of Fallout mainstays such as proper NPCs. Amid this backlash, the game’s director Todd Howard commented that ideally, other players would serve the role of NPC for your Fallout 76 experience and now the Appalachia PD is bringing this concept to life.

Meanwhile, Bethesda has outlined the 2019 roadmap for the game, featuring new quests, modes and changes to the online systems. You can check out a full rundown of the road map right here.