Anthem PS4 refunds are being given out by Sony over crashing issues

Looking to get an Anthem refund? Well, Sony is reportedly responding to the requests of some users for a complete and total refund on the purchase price of the game. Unfortunately, the key word in this sentence is “some.” It appears that not everyone who has requested a refund has gotten one.

According to the folks over at the /r/AnthemTheGame subreddit, Anthem refunds haven’t been distributed out evenly, with them being given to players who are experiencing a particular issue with the shooter. Largely, the problem centers around some of the game’s issues with crashing. That happens with some newer games and isn’t entirely strange. However, some players have reported that they’ve gotten booted to the PS4 dashboard or — even worse — that their console has locked up completely after a crash.

Understandably, the players encountering these issues aren’t keen on risking the health of a gaming console worth several hundred dollars. As such, a number of them have requested an Anthem refund from Sony. The response has been somewhat hit or miss.

A portion of the users have reported that they had their Anthem refund successfully processed after contacting Sony customer support. Redditor /u/SoundAndFury87 inferred that Sony Customer Support was well aware of the issues (likely due to a large volume of complaints) and that they received their refund without any issues whatsoever. Several other users report similar experiences. Unfortunately, a number of other users have also reported difficulty in getting a refund, even after some of them took the time to explain the issue and raise concerns about the risks that they feel Anthem may be posing to their console.

Considering the responses, it seems like that there isn’t an official Anthem refund policy in place. However, it’s clear that there are more than a few PS4 owners who are upset with the issues the game has been having. As always, dealing with customer service is a crapshoot — whether or not you’ll get an Anthem refund will depend on the particular agent. It can’t hurt to try if you’ve been having troubles.