The Rage 2 Wasteland Superhero trailer shows off wild weapons

The Rage 2 Wasteland Superhero trailer is here and it’s jam-packed with wild weapons and crazy combos! This particular trailer for Avalanche Studios’ upcoming sequel to 2010’s Rage makes a point of highlighting the player’s ability to combo weapons with powers. We get to see a number of different weapons used in succession with these powers in colorful, gory explosions.

After a short story scene, the Rage 2 Wasteland Superhero trailer transitions to some combat. A bad guy is splattered across a billboard and we move on to looking at some of the game’s weapons. The first shown is the Grav Dart Launcher which rapidly draws enemies towards wherever the projectile lands (often with comedic results). The Firestorm Revolver is, well,  a revolver that doesn’t appear to have any special features. Next up is the high-damage Hyper Cannon which is shown in concert with the Grav Dart Launcher in a devastating combo. Finally, a deadly throwing blade called the Wingstick is shown curving around some cover and smashing an enemy into a wall.

Following this short weapons showcase, the trailer then transitions to some more intense action sequences. What’s clear from this trailer is that Rage 2 is a terribly colorful game—enemies explode into gibs interspersed with brightly-colored clouds of energy. The player blows up a few vehicles with some of the heavier ordnance available in his arsenal. The latter portions of the trailer seem to indicate that there will be some measure of vehicle driving on the player’s part. And yes, the vehicles also have big honkin’ guns.

As awesome as this game is shaping up to be, there’s a tiny downside to all of the colorful gore on display: Rage 2 is probably going to be exclusive to the Bethesda launcher, just like Fallout 76. You can watch the Rage 2 Wasteland Superhero trailer for yourself below. Rage 2 launches for PC via, PS4, and the Xbox One on May 14, 2019.

Watch the trailer below: