Five Nights at Freddys VR revealed, coming this Spring

Sony has revealed Five Nights at Freddys VR, the latest game in the long-running and still popular Five Nights at Freddys series of horror games. The game’s full title is Five Nights at Freddys VR: Help Wanted, and it has a release date of sometime this Spring. It’ll be released on PlayStation VR, although there was no mention that it was exclusive to PS4, so may appear on other VR platforms too, such as Oculus or Vive.

The new game’s announcement came at Sony’s first PlayStation Direct show, State of Play. Unlike previous games in the series, Five Nights at Freddys VR will not be developed by creator Scott Cawthon. Instead, being made by Steel Wool Studios, a studio made up of veterans from Pixar, Intel and Telltale Games, who generally specialize in VR titles. The studios previous VR games include Warhammer 40,000: Horus Heresy – Betrayal at Calth and Ready Player One: Battle for the Oasis, and they apparently did some work for the Valve VR prototype in 2015.

Five Nights at Freddys VR: Help Wanted will apparently not be a wholly original game, as it will mostly be made up of pieces from the other Five Nights at Freddys games, from the original to the most recent game in the series, 2016’s Sister Location. However, it will include “new experiences” as well. Unlike the other games though, this time instead of just flicking a button players will have to use the gamepad or Move controllers to directly interact with the world around them.

Players will get to interact with the original title’s office’s door and light controls, directly pick up objects in the various animatronic repair minigames, use the video switcher, solve all the various puzzles, and move the flashlight to ward off the various bad robots. There are even collectibles to unlock, which can be redeemed at an in-game “prize counter,” which we’re assuming will be something very bad.

Five Nights at Freddys VR will release in Spring 2019 on PS VR, and you won’t catch us playing it with a pair of VR goggles on the end of a ten-foot bargepole.