Fortnite Spring Breakout Cup reward has players compete for Easter skin

Fortnite is bringing in spring with an all-new seasonal event. Starting tomorrow, in-game Easter celebrations will kick off in Epic Games’ popular battle royale title. There are new quests, weapons, skins, and more for players to earn and purchase throughout the Spring Breakout period. Perhaps most notably, the Spring Breakout Cup gives players a chance to earn early access to the Fortnite Webster skin. Alongside this cursed robot duck outfit, top-performing participants will also get the matching Mecha-Feathers back bling.

How to get the Fortnite Webster skin

Fortnite Webster skin unlock

With players still waiting on the teased Five Nights at Freddy’s x Fortnite collab, getting the Webster outfit seems like a good substitute. This Easter duck is a bit of an ugly duckling, though, appearing more like a rusted animatronic straight out of the FNAF series.

Here’s how to unlock the Fortnite Webster skin and Mecha-Feathers back bling for free:

  1. Reach account level 30 in Fortnite.
  2. Enable 2FA on the associated Epic account.
  3. Visit the in-game “Compete” tab for specific regional timing.
  4. On Friday, April 2 participate in the Spring Breakout Cup.
  5. Players have three hours to complete up to 10 Duos matches.
  6. Depending on placement, it’s possible to earn the Webster skin and Mecha-Feathers back bling.

Spring Breakout Cup rewards are regional, so players aren’t competing on a global scale. That means more prizes and easier competition — though it still won’t be a walk in the park!

It’s also possible to earn the Tactical Quaxes pickaxe for free. This melee weapon completes the Webster set, and users can unlock it by completing the first Legendary Quest from Webster within the game. The quest will be available for a limited time starting Thursday, April 1.

Anyone that misses their chance to unlock the Fortnite Webster set for free will, most likely, be available to purchase it via the Item Shop later this Easter. There’s been no official confirmation so far, but that’s usually how these things work.

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