New Valheim update includes special treat for headphone users

There’s a new Valheim update today, March 29. The “cute mini-tweak patch” is available to download via Steam for Windows and Linux right now. Iron Gate’s latest update includes improved building and cultivation mechanics, in addition to a bonus for headphones users adventuring in the snowy mountains biome. Check out the Valheim update 0.148.7 patch notes below for a full list of all the changes made.

Valheim update 0.148.7 patch notes

new Valheim update 0.148.7 patch notes

Valheim is still a Steam Early Access product, but every week the Norse survival game edges closer towards completion. While last week’s patch (0.148.6) included lots of little changes, the latest update focuses on a few select areas instead. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however, as it results in significant improvement to the soundscape, building, and cultivation systems.

Here are the complete Valheim patch notes for update 0.148.7 on Steam:

  • Hammer, hoe, and cultivator timing and input tweaks.
    • Slightly lower use delay and queued button presses for a smoother experience.
  • Added separate walk-sneak snow footstep SFX.
  • Music update (fixed some sound glitches).
  • Localization updates.
  • Credits updated (changed the look of the credits screen and added missing names).

Valheim snow footstep sound effects will be a big help to players that use headphones and rely on spatial audio to inform their gameplay decisions. Additionally, audio bug and sound glitch fixes are of benefit to users right across the board.

The hammer, hoe, and cultivator tools are all now faster and easier to use. The delay between each use is lower, plus inputs are now queueable for all the rapid clickers out there.

Localization updates are a nice quality of life improvement for Valheim players in need of them, as well.

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