Halo MCC PC release date confirmed for 2019, in its entirety

One of the biggest and most welcome announcements of the last month was the news that the Halo Master Chief Collection, after a long period of being exclusive to Xbox One, was finally coming to PC. Not only that, Microsoft and 343 Industries confirmed that Halo Reach, Bungie’s last Halo game and the title that remained bafflingly absent from the collection, would be added at the same time as it appeared on PC. Now, at last, we may have an idea of the Halo MCC PC release date.

This new development comes from UK developer Splash Damage, who are assisting 343 Industries with the porting of the Halo Master Chief Collection to PC (as 343 itself is mostly focused on Halo Infinite right now). Microsoft and 343 have remained tight-lipped about when any part of the collection would come out, or when Halo Reach would come to PC or Xbox One, only noting that it would be ready when it’s ready, and that they had a lot of early access beta testing to do with the Halo Insider program. Splash Damage, on the other hand, strongly suggest that the release date will be sooner than we think.

According to the company’s recent development newsletter, which was reposted by user wwm0nkey on ResetEra, Splash Damage strongly suggests that all Halo games in the Master Chief Collection will be coming this year. 343 had revealed that the PC version of the collection would have a staggered release schedule, with Halo Reach due out first, and the rest of the titles following a chronological release afterwards. It was not revealed how big a gap there would be between releases, but Splash Damage’s newsletter notes that “Halo Reach is coming first, with the rest of the titles scheduled throughout the year.”

If Halo Reach releases this year, then the entire Halo MCC PC will be out “throughout” 2019. With six games in the collection and only nine months left in 2019, it’s entirely possible the game will be released one a month or sooner. That sounds fine to us.