Jump Force Kaiba trailer reveals new hero and his Blue Eyes White Dragon

A new Jump Force Kaiba trailer shows off the Yu-Gi-Oh characters abilities before his release into the game. The trailer puts Kaiba up against his long-time nemesis Yugi, as we see him utilize some of the monsters most associated with him in the TV series. Seto Kaiba will launch as paid Jump Force DLC in May.

The Jump Force Kaiba trailer shows the duelist calling upon his noted sidekick Blue Eyes White Dragon as well as another duel monster closely associated with him, Obelisk the Tormentor.

Kaiba is an almost ever-present character in the original Yu-Gi-Oh TV series and will be launching in Jump Force alongside two, as yet unnamed, characters. Ahead of Kaiba’s release, Jump Force is adding a new “Clan feature,” “Vertex Event,” and new avatar costumes in April. While we don’t yet know the paid avatars launching alongside the Yu-Gi-Oh character, the May update will also include some free items. A new “Online Link Mission,” “Raid Boss Event,” and a new stage named “World Tournament Stage.” Jump Force currently has content planned for release up until August 2019.

Jump Force’s most recent patch added quality of life features, such as skipping cutscenes. While Bandai Namco seems to be constantly updating the game, players have frequently taken Jump Force into their own hands with mods. Fans have added Resident Evil’s Leon S. Kennedy as well as Shaggy Rogers from Scooby Doo. For those still looking to get to grips with the wide range of characters from various Shonen Jump series in the game, you can read about every Jump Force hero in our guide.

Jump Force may still be going strong in terms of content updates, but Shonen Jump already has another game in the pipeline. Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch on April 5. The game seems like a strange mix of Dragon Ball Z and card games like Yu-Gi-Oh.