The Division 2 sign language emotes added to microtransactions

The Division 2 sign language emotes have been added to the game in the most recent update. The emotes allow player characters to express different signs in the game. However, the accessibility option is currently only available through the purchase of microtransactions.

The accessibility option was highlighted on Twitter early today (H/T Joe Parlock). The Division 2 sign language emotes would enable players to communicate within the game using the ASL (American Sign Language) available via the gestures. The Division 2 already has sign language in the game but previously it was only seen being used by NPCs. A quest giver named Amanda Weekes communicates in the game using ASL. A couple of Twitter users were pleased to come across the inclusion:

At current, The Division 2 sign language emotes are only available through microtransaction purchases, raising questions about the game’s accessibility practices.

Accessibility in games has been a hot topic this week. Video game outlets and communities have spent time discussing and deliberating the issue in relation to From Software’s latest game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Some have called for options to adjust the difficulty in order to provide a better experience for users with accessibility needs as well as players who would prefer an experience more honed to their play.

GameRevolution also took a deeper look into accessibility in games recently with a focus on the Persona Dancing titles.

Aside from accessibility, The Division 2 continues to be updated in different ways. You can read the latest patch notes here. The game has a lot of work to do to catch up to the sales of its predecessor. The Division 2 is still proving popular with some, however. The GameRevolution review scored the game a 4/5 rating and some eagle-eyed and determined players are willing to go to the extent of finding cleverly hidden easter eggs within the game.