Pokemon contest lets winner name their own Sword and Shield move

A Pokemon contest has been announced that will let fans of the popular franchise name a new move. The new move will be included in the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield titles. The contest is being run in Japanese manga comic “Corocoro” and fans can enter until May 10. The winner will receive a copy of the new game with their named move included.

The Pokemon contest run by Corocoro is only open to residents of Japan. Others rules include: the name must be no longer than eight characters and it must use Katakana, Hiragana, or the alphabet. Obviously, the move does not yet currently have a name. However, we do have details about the move a fan will be to name. The move will be “Steel” type, “Special” category, and deal 140 damage. The move also holds the effect of doing major damage but reducing the user’s HP (hit points) by 50.

The winner of the contest will get a copy of the game as will 20 runners-up (winners can choose Sword or Shield). At current, there is currently no detailed information on how to enter beyond the contest being run by Corocoro. Further details are expected in the next few days.

Pokemon Sword and Shield were revealed in February. The installment is the first new entry to the Pokemon series being released for the Nintendo Switch. We have a comprehensive Pokemon Sword and Shield guide, where you can find out everything from the expected release date to information about the new starters and the new Galar region. If you want to get involved in discussing your hopes and wants for the upcoming Pokemon entry, get involved in our Pokemon Lets Go live stream later today.

Away from the main series of Pokemon games, augmented reality mobile title Pokemon Go is still going strong. Developers Niantic recently revealed the upcoming Shiny Latios event. There is also a whole host of other Pokemon Go events coming this summer.

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