Mortal Kombat 11 Kitana and D’Vorah gameplay finally revealed

In the weeks counting down to release, the recent Mortal Kombat 11 Kitana stream finally unveiled some gameplay. But she was not alone. D’Vorah and Cetrion also joined the stream as well, although the latter received her own breakdown last week.

The MK11 Kitana is actually pretty different from her past iterations. Her signature fan blades are still part of her repertoire but they are used more as knives this time around. This fits with her MK11 style that gives her almost a new suite of normal attacks. The special moves are also different, but aside from throwing her fans and her offensive air dash, most of them are making their debut in MK11.

She can absorb projectiles that amplify her melee attacks and even use the fans to float around her, causing damage to anyone who strays near. Kitana even has some attacks with Mileena’s sai. These abilities will ensure that longtime fans will have to learn to know her new style. She is almost a new fighter this time around but not as reworked as someone like Jacqui.

D’Vorah, despite being briefly shown in February, finally got her first gameplay breakdown too. She is more up a mix-up character that uses her ovipositor arms to quickly pressure characters. Her baby bugs are also used for her throw as well as some of her new moves. One special even throws her tiny bugs on the opponent and can be detonated at almost any time. When she dies, if you have a certain ability equipped, a unique bug comes out of her and can be controlled by the player. She looks to play somewhat similarly but with a focus on her bug-like qualities that give her a faster, rushdown playstyle.

With this stream, almost every MK11 fighter has been fully unveiled. Frost, one of the last remaining characters, still hasn’t been officially discussed. She was in the full roster leak from February, as well as the trophies that recently came out. These trophies also seemingly confirm that she is cyber this time around as opposed to flesh and blood.