Forza Street has been announced for mobile and PC

Microsoft’s racer Forza Street has been announced for mobile and PC. This news comes to us via a stylized trailer that shows off a simplified version of the popular sim.

According to MSPowerUser.comStreet doesn’t have any of the key features we play Forza for like its gloriously in-depth car tuning and vistas to speed around in. Instead, the game features elements from a lot of other street racer titles. Namely, you start as a nameless driver who works their way up to infamy through events and collecting cars.

As for the gameplay, the PC version consists of you holding the spacebar while running over the yellow arrows on the track and releasing it during the red arrows. The goal is to encourage quick, minute-long races for you to jump in when you have a chance. That’s about all the game’s got, it seems.

Interestingly, Windows Central reports that this game is actually Miami Street which released a few months ago on the Windows Store. It has merely been rebranded to Forza Street, however, likely because nobody was playing it. Adding the Forza branding probably allowed for Lamborghini’s and other licensed cars the original came couldn’t nab.

While it’s coming to mobile soon, the PC version is free-to-play right now and plausibly full of microtransactions. Also, this is the first time Forza has gone astray from Xbox’s leading platforms: PC and Xbox. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Microsoft has made its interest in other platforms quite clear with xCloud and bringing Xbox Live to mobile games. Remember the Windows Phone, anyone?

Regardless, this is the future of Forza for now. Thankfully we have the fantastic Forza Horizon 4 to fall back on. That, and I’m sure Microsoft will reveal another mainline game at E3. It’s just odd to add the Forza branding here, to a title that lacks any and all critical features surrounding the franchise. Hopefully, this is a one-off experiment and not a sign of things to come.