Report: SNK working on new Metal Slug and Neo Geo consoles

SNK is reportedly working on a new Metal Slug game along with two new Neo Geo consoles, with the company allegedly revealing its ambitious future plans in a meeting with investors. The news comes as a result of the unexpectedly high sales for the Neo Geo Mini, which has reportedly convinced SNK to begin work on more hardware.

The report comes from Japanese site Ruliweb, which revealed how SNK is looking to develop a Metal Slug console game separate from Tencent’s upcoming mobile game. According to the report, the game is currently “under development,” though no further information was given aside from it not being related to Tencent’s mobile title.

Additionally, SNK spoke of how it was planning ‘Neo Geo 2 and Neo Geo 3,’ two new versions of the console that will be semi-open-platformed.

“In July 2018, 5 new IPs, 9 new IPs in July 2019, and 9 new IPs in July 2020 and VRs and block chains are also receiving offers for IP,” the report reads. “The sales volume of Neo Geo Mini is also more than expected, so we are planning Neo Geo 2 and Neo Geo 3.”

The Neo Geo Mini includes 40 games from the Neo Geo platform, including King of FightersFatal Fury, and Metal Slug. Shaped like an arcade machine, it boasts a unique design compared to other mini consoles such as the SNES Classic, though SNK is seemingly working on two Neo Geo consoles that will be more in line with traditional consoles.

SNK noted that its upcoming Samurai Shodown will represent the “future” of the company, with the competitive fighting game leading a bunch of new IPs. Elsewhere in the report, SNK revealed that its 2018 fighting game SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy had sold 300,000 units globally.

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