God of War card game coming later this year

As part of the God of War one year anniversary celebration, Santa Monica Studios has announced that they are partnering with Cmon games to make a God of War card game. The card game is set around the events of Ragnarok, that was alluded to at the end of God of War. The God of War card game is set to release in Q3 later this year and the price is currently unknown.

What is the God of War card game?

In the God of War card game, players will play as Norns, mystical beings of great power, and try to find the right combination to saving Midgard from Ragnarok. Players must find the right combination of heroes, villains, battles, victories, and defeats in a specific number of turns in order to save Midgard from destruction. Players can embody Kratos, Atreus, Freya and other heroes from the game and fight against bosses from the game to create unique ‘what if’ scenarios.

The God of War card game can have up to four players and will pay tribute to the beloved game in new and exciting ways. Players will have to master the various quests and employ the right strategies in order to win. The wrong move could result in catastrophic failure, so players will have to choose wisely before making a move. Additionally, each hero in the God of War card game will have a special set of attributes that will give them the advantage over others in specific situations. Playing to a specifics heroes strengths will be key to a successful game.

The God of War card game comes as part of the celebration of one year anniversary of God of War. This is not the only special announcement from Santa Monica Studios this week, with a God of War sequel tease being spotted in a free God of War PlayStation 4 theme. The official one year anniversary of God of War is on April 20, so be on the lookout for more announcements from Santa Monica Studios!