Tamarin, a new platformer from ex-Rare employees, coming this summer

Old-school platformer are quite popular nowadays, mostly thanks to indie studios. And fortunately, a few veterans from Rare are channeling that same kind of energy for their next project. The team, under the name Chameleon Games, has announced Tamarin, a 3D platformer coming our way this summer. The team designed the game with the “golden era” of game development in mind, with classic 3D platforming and a little bit of shooting.

Per the game’s official description, Tamarin “channels the energy of 3D platformer classics and explorative Metroidvania shooters.” You play an adorable little monkey who must fight pollution-spewing forces in an effort to keep his family safe.

“Explore an incredible interconnected 3D world, brimming with primate platforming and bug-splattering shooter action. Leap with the agility of a tamarin as you journey into the Northern wilderness on scenic routes through forests, fjords and mountains. Along the way you will chase mysterious electrical fireflies, discover a secret underground world of dancing ants, rescue innocent birds, and restore the tamarins’ once idyllic natural habitat,” the website’s description reveals.

The game has a fully developed 3D world, one with photorealistic touches, as you can see from the trailer below. For good measure, you’ll also run across a secret underground world filled with danger. Fortunately, some electrified fireflies are set to lend you a hand.

It certainly features a who’s who of development masters behind the game. Legendary composer David Wise will handle the soundtrack. Donkey Kong 64 artist Richard Vaucher is head of art production. And finally, Graeme Norgate will bring sound effects to life. This, alongside other talented members on the team, might give Tamarin the push it needs to succeed.

The game will launch this summer for PlayStation 4 and PC for around $29.99. There will also be a deluxe edition available, with the game’s soundtrack included, for $35.99.