Sonic movie change requests from fans pleased co-creator Yuji Naka

It’s been an eventful week for the Sonic movie, that’s for sure. The trailer premiered earlier this week, leaving a lot of fans quite confused. Jim Carrey back in his zany mode did please most viewers, but fans weren’t entirely sold on Sonic’s new look. And just a couple of days later, the film’s director acknowledged that changes would be made to his character. As a result, response has been overwhelmingly positive. And chiming in his two cents on the matter is Sonic’s co-creator, Yuji Naka.

In a post on Twitter today, Naka praised the fans for sounding off on Sonic’s not-so-hot appearance in the film. You can see it below.

Naka provided critiques towards the changes made to the iconic character, despite Sega being on board. And judging by the negative response in most places with the trailer, he wasn’t the only one.

Following Naka’s post, fans praised him for the character’s creation but also voiced possible concern for the animators. After all, if these changes need to happen and the movie is still hitting its November release date, then people will likely have to work pretty hard to make that happen. And given how much crunch culture has come up in and out of video games, it might difficult for some fans to stomach.

We’ll have to see if the film gets delayed with the character being redone. But some Sonic fans can easily breathe a sigh of relief over the changes that are coming. The movie might have more sweeping issues but this change to Sonic’s render could still help. Fingers crossed on this one, fans.