League of Legends esports viewership hits nearly 3 million in LCK

League of Legends esports viewership has reached some impressive numbers. The 2019 LoL Champions Korea Spring recently concluded in the middle of April 2019 and it certainly racked up an impressive number of viewers — nearly 3 million people tuned in to watch from around the world.

As Inven Global reports, Riot has released some statistics about the 2019 Lol Champions Korea Spring. The finals match between League of Legends esports teams SK Telecom T1 and Griffin was the most-viewed portion of the LCK Spring 2019. It brought in 460,000 viewers in Korea alone and 2.42 million viewers from the rest of the world, making for a total of 2.88 million viewers at its peak. This is the highest concurrent viewership ever reached by the LCK since they’ve started operating as a league in 2015.

Demand from overseas markets led to the 2019 LCK Spring Finals being broadcasted in several different languages across a bevy of streaming platforms. Viewers could tune in to the finals in Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, French, and German on well-known platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook alongside less-known platforms like AfreecaTV, Huya TV, and Open Rec.

In-person attendance for this League of Legends esports event was similarly strong. 30,000 fans in total visited LoL Park to watch the games in person. 42 matches out of the regular season of 90 matches were completely sold out. Approximately 5,000 people watched the LCK Spring 2019 finals in the real world rather than from a computer screen (although some of them surely tuned in anyway on their phones).

League of Legends esports seems plenty healthy even though the game has been around in one form or another for over a decade. Mind, the LCK Spring is far from the biggest event for this game — the League of Legends World Championship Finals brought in 81.8 million viewers last year, outclassing both the ELEAGUE Major and The International by tens of millions of viewers.