God Eater 3 Switch demo announced

Bandai Namco has confirmed that a God Eater 3 Switch demo is in the works. The demo on Nintendo’s hybrid console will support both single and multiplayer game modes.

The company revealed the Nintendo Switch demo for God Eater 3 during a recent live stream. As part of the announcement, Nintendo notably confirmed that the demo will offer access to the game’s multiplayer mode. However, it will be limited to local play only.

The stream did not reveal a release date for the demo, though. The Nintendo Switch version of God Eater 3 is set to launch on July 12 in the West. As such, the God Eater 3 demo will likely drop sometime before then.

In addition to the demo, Bandai Namco also revealed some of the plans for future updates to the game. The company confirmed that God Eater 3 will continue to receive updates beyond the 1.40 update that’s supposed to hit in early summer. Bandai Namco didn’t go into detail on what these future updates entailed, however.

The 1.40 update will introduce the new Time Attack Missions as well as some new costumes. Time Attack Missions will bring some interface changes specific to the mode. Specifically, the game will now display an Aragami’s health. Bandai Namco states that this is both to help the player as well as to make the missions easier to watch for spectators. Additionally, the HUD will also display the medals that players can win for defeating Aragami under a certain time limit.

In addition to the Time Attack Missions, the studio also teased special collaboration costumes for PlayStation 4 and PC. The presentation only showed silhouettes of the costumes, however. Players will have to wait a bit more to get a better look at them.

The news of a Nintendo Switch demo and more content bodes well for God Eater 3‘s future. Bandai Namco looks to be committed to supporting the game’s player base with new content. This is great news for any gamers who end up buying the Switch version after playing the demo.