E3 2019 | Apex Legends season 2 release date revealed, includes ‘new way to play’

Apex Legends season 2 details have been revealed during the E3 2019-adjacent EA Play livestream. We now know the Apex Legends season 2 release date, more info about the season 2 Battle Pass, as well as a clearer picture of the game’s future during the 30 minute presentation. The game’s new season is coming on Tuesday, July 2.

While Apex Legends has fallen on (relatively) hard times since its exceptional launch window, fans should be clamoring back to the battle royale after what went down during the Apex Legends season 2 EA Play reveal.

Not only was a new weapon revealed, for the best of the best in Apex Legends season 2 to get to grips with, but there’s a whole heaping of content for lapsed fans to pore over across the weekend. A new Legend, weapon, a Ranked Mode, and Battle Pass is confirmed to be on the way. Producer Drew Freeman has also teased a “new way to play.”

Apex Legends season 2 release date and Battle Pass revealed

apex legends season 2

We even have an Apex Legends season 2 release date. It’s going to launch on July 2, though we don’t have an exact release time just yet. Expect more new on that in the coming weeks.

Respawn has previously made it clear in recent weeks that the Apex Legends season 2 Battle Pass would be a do-over. In a recent Reddit post, lead product manager Lee Horn preached the need to head in the “right direction” with changes across the board. These included all-new Daily and Weekly Challenges; a quicker level rate to ensure players would reach level 100 faster than ever before, and also an additional trio of Legendary skins for players to unlock.

Apex Legends season 2 will launch on July 2 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and the season 2 Battle Pass will include a new legend, a new weapon, and a new map event.