New FIFA 20 teaser trailer hints at FIFA Street return

Shocker, I know. FIFA 20 has been announced. Don’t sound so surprised! EA Vancouver’s latest stab at the soccer series, though, could be mixing things up in a big way and bringing back a classic mode that fans have been clamoring for several seasons now. Yes, FIFA Street might be returning if this new FIFA 20 teaser trailer holds any weight, though nothing has been confirmed as of writing.

The 20-second long teaser is proof that all roads lead to E3 2019. The spot, which showcases several groups of men and women playing ball on the streets of Paris, as well as other locales around the world, comes with the tagline “The stadium is anywhere,” which could be hinting at a FIFA Street-style mode making its way into EA’s annual soccer sim come September. To find out, you’ll have to tune in to the EA Play stream on Saturday, June 8 at 2 PM Eastern/7 PM BST.

Again, while nothing has been officially announced (and this could all be leading to a big disappointment) many have inevitably jumped to the same conclusion. The replies are littered with people now expecting a FIFA Street return. The spin-off franchise, which has remained dormant since 2014, was hugely popular in the early-’00s for its lightning-fast gameplay and outrageous tricks and flicks. A revival would certainly hit the sweet spot for nostalgia-starved fans, as well as satiating those who want a shake-up after the past few years of samey features.

Elsewhere, EA has confirmed the FIFA 20 release date: 27 September, 2019. Though, of course, that may shift around a bit if you buy one of the few potential pre-order deluxe editions on offer, which typically allows players to play for 10 hours on EA Access, or a few days early on Origin Premiere, depending on their platform of choice.

So, 2019 could be the year of FIFA Street. Who saw that coming?