No Man’s Sky Sean Murray says studio has “definitely been tested” by fans

No Man’s Sky’s Sean Murray has spoken about, how since release, the game has received mixed responses, especially with the launch. The large updates to the game have brought old players back, as well as bringing in new crowds to experience the game. Murray spoke about that having millions of players waiting for the upcoming updates makes a large difference, observing community members sharing their excitement on the game’s Reddit and other forums.

At launch, the game did receive a lot of negative attention and it’s impossible to ignore it. However, people were committed to the game, and community review scores rose, with some players playing an average of 25 hours in the games’ vast world.

Murray recently spoke to about the past, present, and future of No Man’s Sky:

“I always underestimate how big it’s going to be, thinking, ‘Right, now we’re entering a quiet period where the pressure eases off a bit and there are fewer people playing.’ The game has drastically changed since it’s initial release in 2016, after numerous large updates, bringing in new features such as multiplayer, base-building, new vehicles, and permadeath options. Murray continued in the interview to state, “As a naïve studio, we definitely got excited about our game, people got excited, and we talked about it way too early.”

There is a lot in the works for No Man’s Sky, with the large Beyond update coming later on this year, which will introduce VR support, further multiplayer options and more to come. Murray has been thinking that this upcoming update could pinpoint the start of diminishing interest in No Man’s Sky, but he also expressed that the hype within the community for this upcoming update seems higher than before.

Further information about No Man’s Sky and Hello Games will be announced during a keynote at Develop:Brighton 2019 on July 9.