Destiny 2 moon trailer revealed at GuardianCon

Bungie took to the stage at GuardianCon to reveal the Destiny 2 moon trailer. The clip showed environments from the moon on the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion Shadowkeep. Shadowkeep sees players returning to the moon from the first game, but with a revamped and expanded map. This expansion is the first one published exclusively by Bungie after it acquired the publishing rights from Activision earlier this year.

The clip gave viewers a look at the upcoming moon environments and what to expect. The diverse regions, massive fortresses, and dangerous traps are an exciting insight as players await the September 17 release date. This is the first time players will get to return to the moon as a playable destination since Destiny, and the new additions to the environment should prove interesting to explore.

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Shadowkeep comes with more interesting changes to the game. Since Bungie is publishing the expansion independently, it decided to put spades of extras into Shadowkeep and give players good incentives to pick it up. It is a standalone expansion and does not require players to own any other Destiny 2 expansions or DLC. It also includes some familiar faces as well as fun extras such as new quests, weapons, a new raid, and more.

If you’re interested in picking up Shadowkeep, especially with the base game and year-one DLCs becoming free-to-play this fall, you’ll have a couple of editions to choose from. The standard expansion will set you back $34.99, but you can also check out the Deluxe Edition ($59.99) and Collector’s Edition ($149.99). If extra season passes, digital content, or physical collector’s items such as cryptoglyph replicas and journals are of interest to you, these editions are maybe worth looking into. Here’s our full pre-order guide to help you peruse the offers. If you’d like to see the Destiny 2 moon trailer in all its glory, click here.