Dr. Mario World launch earnings are less than previous Nintendo mobile titles

With the release of Dr. Mario World, Nintendo has brought another one of its classic IPs to mobile devices. However, it seems that the launch of this one hasn’t gone as well as it might have hoped. Sources now indicate that the Dr. Mario World launch earnings are considerably less then that of their other titles.

A report by Sensor Tower shows that Dr. Mario World has generated only $100,000 in its first three days, despite racking up 2 million installs so far. This makes Dr. Mario World Nintendo’s least successful mobile launch by far.

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Sensor Tower’s report compared Dr. Mario World‘s first 72 hours with those of Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Dragalia Lost. Of those, Fire Emblem Heroes made the most money, earning $11.6 million at launch, while being installed 4.9 million times. Super Mario Run follows in second place with $6.5 million and 4.3 million installs.

However, both Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Dragalia Lost broke from the trend set by the previous two by earning less when compared to their total installs (just like Dr. Mario World). The former only made $1.4 million, despite being installed 6 million times. The latter on the other hand made $250,000, with only 300,000 installs. That said, it did launch in only five markets.

As for why the title hasn’t performed as well, Sensor Tower noted that Dr. Mario isn’t as big a draw as Nintendo’s other IPs. Additionally, Dr Mario World also uses a different form of monetization from the other games. It uses a system similar to other match three puzzlers such as Candy Crush, and in comparison to those, it’s doing quite well. The most recent release from that franchise, Candy Crush Friends, made $137,000 in the same time period according to Sensor Tower.

Of course, despite all this, Dr. Mario World seems to be beating out other high profile mobile titles released in the same time period. Most notably, the game topped the iOS download charts on release, beating out Harry Potter: Wizards Unite which took longer to do so.

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