Bloodstained Switch fixes will now come in one big patch

To address the performance issues of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night on Switch, 505 Games originally wanted to release a number of small patches fixing specific issues. Now, creator Koji “IGA” Igarashi has stated that his team hopes to fix the Bloodstained Switch issues with one big patch instead.

The announcement came as part of an update on Bloodstained‘s Kickstarter page. Here, IGA stated that the team is now working to put all of the fixes to the game’s Switch version onto one patch. This is in part, because doing so makes the submission process for the fixes much easier.

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“Initially we had planned to release a number of small updates to give incremental improvements. After looking at what needs to be accomplished, our goal is to bundle performance improvements into (likely) one patch,” stated IGA. “Doing so eases the submission process and will result in an overall faster completion.”

Indeed, progress on the Switch patches has been slow so far. The most recent update for the game, which arrived on August 1, didn’t really address any issues specific to the console. So it seems that the team is pivoting to get the fixes out much faster.

However, IGA also stated that the team does not yet know when the fixes will be complete, promising instead to post an update once they do have a date for it.

That said, he confirmed that the Switch fixes are “getting the bulk of dev time.” This however means that some updates for the other versions will be delayed. Specifically, the 1.006 update and the IGA Back Pack DLC for the game’s Xbox One version’s will now be coming at the end of August. The PlayStation 4 and PC versions however are not yet been affected with their 1.04 update, as well as the IGA Back Pack DLC for the former, coming out today.