Dr Disrespect: ‘No one is watching Mixer’

Recent Dr Disrespect Mixer comments have made his thoughts on Microsoft’s burgeoning live streaming platform clear. The Doc, real name ‎Herschel Guy Beahm IV, stated on his popular Twitch stream that “no one is watching Mixer,” presumably in response to a comment from a fan instructing him to switch to the platform. Such a comment comes in the wake of Twitch losing perhaps its biggest asset, Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, to the smaller platform earlier this month.

After Ninja’s departure, Twitch began using his channel to promote other Fortnite streamers, but when that led to pornography being displayed on the influencer’s former channel, #TwitchOverParty began to trend on Twitter. This lead other big Twitch streamers, such as Keemstar, to consider making the move. At that time, Dr Disrespect stated that he might consider making the jump to Mixer if Microsoft were to dig deep and pay him a figure “at Ninja’s level or higher.” The exact figure paid to secure a streaming exclusivity contract between Ninja and Microsoft is currently unknown, but all signs point toward it having been very lucrative for Blevins.

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Now though, Dr Disrespect doesn’t seem to be holding out much hope for such a deal coming his way, becoming heated as he discussed the fledgling platform which has recently been making headlines with his viewers. He poked fun at the disparity between Ninja and the second-ranking streamer on Mixer, reiterated that “nobody’s at Mixer,” then stated his belief that “Twitch is where it’s at.” Whilst it could be argued that he does make some valid points, it’s also important to take Dr Disrespect’s over-the-top persona into account, which no doubt played a part in sparking the miniature tirade.

Having recently had a brush with the Twitch terms of service, and potentially the law, after live streaming from a public bathroom in the LA Convention Center at E3 2019, you might think Doc would want to keep things cordial with the competition. But then, that just wouldn’t be to his style—the character is called Dr Disrespect for a reason, after all.