Predator Hunting Grounds gameplay trailer shown at Gamescom Opening Night

With a bountiful amount of games have been shown off at Gamescom, none of them star everyone’s Xenomorph slayer. Predator Hunting Grounds gameplay was shown at Gamescom’s Opening Night.

The trailer begins with the sweet sounds of Little Richard. That fun tone quickly changes as we see soldiers gunning down another fireteam in a jungle reminiscent of the film. An unfamiliar blast comes out of nowhere and we see a quick look at the actual Predator.

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Similar to games like Friday the 13th or Evolve, Predator Hunting Grounds is a multiplayer game based on the 1987 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Players will either take the role of a fireteam member or as the Predator in a 4v1 contest.

Predator Hunting Grounds was initially revealed back in May during Sony’s State of Play stream. During the PlayStation-centric stream, a trailer was shown for what was supposed to be an asymmetric shooter, but without actual gameplay. It is being developed by IllFonic, the studio behind 2017’s Friday the 13th, and may be a PS4 exclusive since Sony Interactive Entertainment partnered with Fox to make this happen.

You can expect to play Predator Hunting Grounds in 2020 for PS4. You can check back on the site for all the news coming out of Gamescom, including reveals from Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase, Inside Xbox, and Stadia Connect.