Marvel’s Avengers splits from Spider-Man PS4

Marvel’s Avengers is one of the most anticipated games of next year, as the possibility to play through a roster of the most beloved superheroes in movies and comics in a proper AAA video game is an exciting one. However, there are still plenty of questions about the game that need to be answered, and we’ve only had a short chunk of gameplay footage so far. Perhaps the most crucial question is if there truly is a Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man PS4 connection buried in the game, which sadly seems to not be the case.

Marvel’s Spider-Man came out on the PS4 last year and was hugely praised, and contained a fresh, exciting take on the character that was entirely unconnected from the world of the movies, despite some connections between the two (which might have ended up just being a string of coincidences). While it had previously been announced as “The Avengers Project,” the first proper reveal of the game gave the title as the similar Marvel’s The Avengers. Fans speculated that the titles could be connected, but now Square Enix seems to have suggested that this is not the case.

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In an interview with IGN (via Reddit), a developer on the game was asked if the villain Taskmaster in the Avengers trailer was the same as the one in Spider-Man PS4. He suggested that this is not the case. “This is our world. This is The Avengers world. For us, we look at this and say, again, we have an amazing set of heroes, we have an amazing world, but this is an original story for the Avengers.”

While they seem to want to keep it a little ambiguous, as maybe they are keeping the door open, but the words “this is our world” sound pretty definite that this is Square Enix’s take on these characters. Given that Spider-Man is a completely separate publisher to the Avengers game, not to mention that there’s not even a connection between them in the movies anymore, it’s looking likely that Spider-Man PS4 will stay in its own separate universe for now.

Iron Man VR, however, might have some nods to the Spider-Man PS4 game, according to our interview with the game’s director.