Modern Warfare helmet cam brings a new angle to spectator mode

Spectator mode is about to get a new angle with the introduction of the Modern Warfare helmet cam. Fans of Call of Duty have plenty to be hyped about with this upcoming first-person shooter, but it’s not just big-ticket changes that are making things exciting. While the developers are working hard on putting together a fresh new experience, they’ve also apparently taken the time to add in a new way to spectate other players.

The Modern Warfare helmet cam was first highlighted on the /r/modernwarfare subreddit. /u/TenaciousDMAN noticed that the bottom of the spectator screen had a prompt to push triangle to activate “Helmet Cam,’ although he didn’t provide any images of the new mode in action.

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Users throughout the thread had wondered what exactly it might look like—they thought, perhaps, that it would look like the side-helmet camera that we saw in the trailer. Unfortunately, it appears that that particular perspective was just a cool camera trick for cinematic purposes, and not actually the Modern Warfare helmet cam in question.

Instead, a Game Informer stream showing some pre-release footage lets us get a good look at the helmet cam. Essentially, it just sets the perspective to slightly above the player you’re spectating, as if it were a GoPro mounted to their head.

In theory, it sounds like a cool idea that adds a bit of immersion. After all, real soldiers do indeed mount GoPros to their helmets in this fashion, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some General or intelligence agent somewhere has watched an operation take place live with a similar system. However, the theory doesn’t play out very well in practice. Redditors looking at the Modern Warfare helmet cam in action criticized it for being “stiff.”

“If they added more of a bounce while moving and running, it’d look much nicer. More realistic. It’s too solid, stiff lol,” one Redditor said in the thread. “Like in the trailer, the soldiers head is actually attached to a neck, so it has movement and bounce.”

You can see the Modern Warfare helmet cam in action below. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches on October 25, 2019.

[Image credit: Game Informer]