Real-life Overwatch heroes said to have made struggling disabled player’s day

In keeping with the heroic spirit of the game, a team of real-world Overwatch heroes is said to have recently taken the time to help a disabled teammate that was visibly struggling to control their character. The Soldier 76 DPS player was said to be moving “a little strangely” and “not really communicating,” which initially caused some speculation on what might be the matter.

After wondering aloud in the in-game text chat as to whether this player might be “lagging,” they’re said to have subsequently turned on their mic and apologized for the level of performance they’d shown. u/boruvky shared on Reddit that apparently it “was fairly clear he had special needs.”

Owing to this fact, when the disabled player asked that the team “please not kick him,” boruvky and company obliged and even “tried to help.” The unnamed player with a disability apparently stated that they were “really trying to do better” and so they were advised to try and “move a bit more” as well as being given guidance on which might be the best Overwatch characters to pick, given their individual skillset.

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The team—which is said to have been comprised of randomly matchmade players, which makes this even more heartwarming and impressive—apparently stuck together for 12 matches, and for this, the Reddit OP is “really grateful to that bunch of people.” Together he believes that they “made that guy’s day,” specifically calling out a healer who presumably helped to keep the disabled teammate right in the thick of the fight.

Citing this story, the Reddit post concludes by asking that players “take some more time and be patient” when a teammate appears to be behaving somewhat erratically in a multiplayer game. The thread’s top comment summed things up nicely with a quote from Overwatch character Tracer: “The world could always use more heroes.”

If you need more feelgood gaming stories in your life this Tuesday afternoon, recently Blizzard Entertainment lifted an unjust ban that was passed down to a disabled WoW Classic player, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice helped many people to better handle real-world stress, and Borderlands 3 is helping to improve the “final days” of a young terminal cancer patient.