Riot plans private LoL party for select players, invite accidentally shows up in client

Riot Games has big plans to celebrate the League of Legends 10-year anniversary, including a private LoL party in London for 500 select players. Well, it was private until the invite for the supposedly exclusive, all-expenses-paid event started showing up in the client for several players.

The special celebration in London is scheduled for October 16, the day when League players will party like there’s no tomorrow. But not all of them will be attending the private LoL party, even if they “received” the invite.

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The first players who saw the invite pop up in the LoL client with the title “You’re 1 of 500” were naturally pleased with the news, such as Redditor Lassekassebasse (via Dexerto). His excitement turned to disappointment due to a malfunctioning register button, although he admits that it would “be super cool to go.”

The invite states that the party “will not be open to the public and has been created exclusively to a group of players whom we want to personally thank for their contributions to League.” This makes it sound like it is being directed at League streamers and other content creators, not random players.

After sharing the news on Reddit, Lassekassebasse noticed that other players were seeing the invite as well. Eventually, Riot caught up on the whole situation and swiftly removed the link.

Ryan “Cactopus” Rigney, Communications Lead for Riot Games, broke the sad news on Reddit to everyone who saw the invite link. However, Lassekassebasse’s action didn’t go unnoticed and he was rewarded with an invite to the London event.

““Yep, it’s a screwup on our part!” he said. “Now fixed. Since you (u/LasseKasseBasse) were the one who alerted a ton of us with this Reddit thread, there’s only one way to pay you back, and that’s by actually bringing you to London for the Anniversary, all expenses paid. I’m not kidding. DM me your info and we’ll get you set up.”

All is well that ends well. Although Riot would have to throw one huge party if it wanted to thank the 8 million concurrent players that play League of Legends every day.

Riot Games private LoL party