Battlefield 5 Halloween skins leaked by dataminer

It seems that a pair of Battlefield 5 Halloween skins have been leaked by a dataminer. Although there hasn’t yet been any official announcements of upcoming holiday content for this war-themed first-person shooter, the existence (and the level of detail) in these datamined skins suggests that Battlefield 5 players are going to be getting some cool cosmetic goodies this year.

MP1st reports that someone it considers a “reliable dataminer” has discovered a pair of Battlefield 5 Halloween skins buried in the game’s code. These two skins — one for the United Kingdom and one for Germany — add a bit of spookiness to the game while still remaining relatively within the game’s wartime theme.

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Have a gander at the skins for yourself to see what they look like:

Battlefield 5 Halloween UK Hell Hunter temporyal

Battlefield 5 Halloween UK Hell Hunter temporyal

The UK version of the Hell Hunter epic skin tweeted by temporyal shows a soldier wearing a lower-face mask, a slouch hat, and armored gauntlets. A length of rope is slung over one shoulder while a bandolier crosses over in the other direction. The whole ensemble is topped off with a cape adorned with a chain.

On the German side of things, their version of the Hell Hunter skin tweeted by temporyal has a creepier, stealthier feel to it. It features a full-face gas mask, a single bandolier over one shoulder, and scraps of shredded fabric adorning the torse and also serving as a cape.

While these Battlefield 5 Halloween skins certainly look cool, it bears mentioning that these were datamined from the game’s files. They still haven’t been officially revealed, nor has any kind of Halloween event been mentioned. Still, there was more than a casual amount of work put into these skins (presuming they’re the genuine article) and it’s unlikely that EA DICE will be letting these sit unused in the game’s code for no good reason. One way or another, we’re likely to get a definitive answer in the weeks leading up to the holiday.

[Image credit: @temporyal on Twitter]