Call of Duty Mobile VPN and Emulator players being banned

Call of Duty Mobile VPN players are now being banned, at least when it comes to the “Galena” edition of the game. What’s more, anyone using an emulator also risks losing their right to play the game—and those aren’t the only ways you can earn a ban in Call of Duty Mobile.

Hackers, cheaters, and other kinds of ne’er-do-wells are nothing new in a first-person shooter, but this particular Call of Duty game has its own unique challenges to contend with when it comes to playing fair. Call of Duty Mobile VPN players seem to have been getting around region restrictions, and others are using emulators to play the game on their PC. Now, the developers are cracking down on these people who aren’t being good sports.

Call of Duty Mobile VPN Emulator

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“Our new anti-cheating system is in place,” read a Facebook post from the Galena version of Call of Duty Mobile. “We are serious about anti-cheating, you should be too.” The post also included a list of offenses that would get you banned from playing Call of Duty Mobile:

  1. Usage of any 3rd party apps such as crosshair apps or apps that enables docking of keyboard and mouse.
  2. Usage of unsafe emulators.
  3. Usage of VPN.
  4. Usage of hacks, game scripts and any tools that modify game files.

Some of these make sense outright; the banning of players who are using third-party crosshair apps or hacks seem reasonable enough. However, some people in the comments are taking issue with not being allowed to use VPNs or emulators.

“I greatly disagree with [banning emulators],” read one Facebook comment. “This is an app developed for mobile. There’s a big difference between playing on mobile versus on computer. If cannot be avoided or for your own purpose then separate mobile users to emulator users when matching.”

As for why Call of Duty Mobile VPN users are getting the banhammer, the reason for that likely comes down to regional restrictions. This Facebook post was on the Galena Call of Duty Mobile Facebook page page which represents the edition that is region-locked to Southeast Asia; no such similar post warning about using emulators and VPNs has appeared on the international version’s at the time of writing.