Pokemon-like MMO Temtem hitting Early Access in January

Humble Bundle and Crema have jointly announced that their highly anticipated monster-catching MMO Temtem is hitting Steam Early Access this coming January. Players will be able to start their Temtem journey on January 21st, although signups for Beta Stress Tests have already begun.

Temtem Skull Man Bridge

The developer marked the occasion with a new gameplay trailer showing off creature following, finding new monsters in tall grass, and other mechanics Pokemon fans may sorely miss from Game Freak’s latest release. The trailer also promises years of updates that include new monsters to tame and new ways to play, all set behind a deliciously familiar yet legally different soundtrack.

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Crema is not a new team on the scene. In addition to several mobile projects, the team self-published first-person roguelike Immortal Redneck back in 2017. Still, they’ve never done anything on this scale to date, so it’s good that the team is releasing the game onto Early Access to work out the klinks.