New Doki Doki Literature Club DLC coming later this year

New Doki Doki Literature Club DLC coming later this year

Three years after its release, new Doki Doki Literature Club DLC could be on the way. Dan Salvato, creator of the anime/horror visual novel, recently announced he is currently planning to release more Doki Doki Literature Club content this year.

Salvato announced the possible Doki Doki Literature Club DLC in a tweet, saying he wants to first release new content for the game and then return to developing another visual novel he’s put on hold for the past two years. Salvato notes that the new content won’t be a sequel, but we have little information beyond that. It will likely be some sort of DLC add-on, but Salvato could also release a prequel or spin-off as a separate game, as Undertale creator Toby Fox did with Deltarune.

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Doki Doki Literature Club went viral after its release at the end of 2017, catching much attention on YouTube and Twitch for the violent, disturbing twists hidden in what seems at first like any other horny anime game. Some have criticized the game, though, for its handling of sensitive issues more for shock value than constructive discussion.

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